November 26, 2014

Brazil's Tiny Bees

These bees, even though they are no longer than four or five millimetres, make some of the most delicious honey there is.


Apart from making some of the most supple and beautiful leather bracelets and necklaces available, our Brazilian leather producer Geraldo also has another string to his bow. For many years he has been a keen bee keeper and on his land in rural Sao Paulo he produces delicious, natural honey.

Next door to his leather and palha studio, he has another space with centrifuges and other processing equipment, which he uses to extract and bottle this tasty gift from his bees. The honey has the flavour of whichever flowers they have visited, including eucalyptus, orange and lemon; to name but a few.

These totally silent, non stinging bees, live in a hive in one of his outhouses. Just another example of the incredible variety of life in this beautiful country.