May 21, 2014

Brazilian Leather

The leather we use for our products is sourced from family run leather wholesalers in Sao Paulo, home to some of the finest leather in the world.


Lying slightly inland but stretching to the huge ports in Santos in the state of Sao Paulo, this vast capital city stretches over an area of over fifteen hundred square kilometres, in the central southern region of Brazil and is without doubt the trade centre for the whole of the South American continent.

Many people assume that Brazil is mostly coastal and tropical rainforest but the interior states of Goias, Tocantins and Mato Grosso have some of the largest cattle farms in the world, equalling the great plains of the United States. It is no wonder then that they also produce a huge range of quality hides.

Our leather is mostly from Goias, well known in Brazil for being extremely supple and durable leather which is ideal for finer articles such as leather bracelets and necklaces as it is easily worked and dyed.

Our leather expert, Geraldo Menegasso, visits Sao Paulo’s wholesale area where he selects leather for its thickness, suppleness and its ability to be dyed. He then takes it to the acortador (the cutter).

Once the leather reaches the workshop, the artisans set about plaiting and weaving the leather strips into two metre long chords which are then dyed, cut to size and finished with high quality clasps and fittings.

In a world where nearly everything is mass produced, leather is one of the few materials which just cannot be machine made to the same high standard of quality and beauty, as the machines cannot sense the variations in thickness and tensile strength.

Geraldo tells us, “It’s all in the thumbs.” Looking at the striking quality of the goods produced in his workshop, we have to agree with him.